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Larry Hancock’s New Book Rips The Cover Off Of Global Secret Operations – Mike Swanson (04/17/2020)

I got a great read for you.

 Larry Hancock has just released a new book that rips the cover off of global secret covert operations. 

It’s title is In Denial: Secret Wars With Air Strikes And Tanks?

Now throughout the last sixty years the United States has engaged in countless secret war operations around the world and has failed in almost all of them.

The most famous of these were the Bay of Pigs landings against Castro’s Cuba in 1961.

This new book details why these operations have failed and uses new file releases to create the most detailed case history of the Cuba operation ever written.

It also shows why in more recent years other countries such as China, Russia, and Iran have been more successful at their operations than the US had been in the past.

What is going on?

What is this type of secret warfare about?

How did it start?

Forget James Bond this is real history.

It is the real story about global secret warfare.

And it’s a great book of history that’s a great read just released today.

It includes an introduction that also clearly explains exactly how these operations are done in our system of government. 

Few know this.

The book is available here in both Kindle and paperback: