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David Skarica: Leverage and Cheap Money Have Set Gold and Silver to Soar – Source – Palisade Radio (04/20/2020)

David Skarica of www.addictedtoprofits.net discusses the economy and why many companies are mostly built on quicksand and debt. Excessive borrowing and inflated valuations have created additional risks. Companies have spent much of their earnings on stock buybacks which have made many companies vulnerable in a downturn. Everyone has borrowed and many are over-leveraged and now we see the hidden consequences of all that borrowing. People become biased and create stories to justify their future expectations. Real estate in many areas has a long way to fall in the coming months. The fracking industry will be hard hit since that business model is centered primarily around financing.

David discusses the different outlooks investors have toward the markets and why investors need to remain positive and look for opportunities. Money printing will continue and he sees short term deflation and then a period of stagflation or hyperinflation where governments will under-report numbers. In the deflationary phase, gold will do well but in the later inflationary period, silver will outperform.