Today A Huge Blow Against Trolls And Psychopaths Has Been Struck! – Mike Swanson (02/18/2020)

At the moment the DOW is poised to gap down 140+ points as both Apple and Wal-Mart came out with bad earnings.

But that isn’t much of a dip on that news.

It just shows that the market is still strong as investors are thinking about future REPO money drops and rate cuts to come!

Something else is happening today.

A huge blow against the social madness of our times – whether it comes from social media maniacs on Twitter and Facebook or the blowhard talking heads on TV has been struck.

And it is about time!

Carmine Savastano’s book Human Time Bomb is available for sale today.

Finally today you can grab your Kindle copy by going right to with this link:

For the paperback go here:

Podcast: Carmine Savastano On His New Highly Anticipated Book Human Time Bomb: The Violence Within Our Nature – Mike Swanson (02/05/2020)

If you have been listening to any of my podcasts talks with Carmine over the past few months then you already know what this book is about. 

What it does is show how human nature when combined with our internet driven culture is fueling chaos in our society. 

You have seen the blowhard’s online and on TV and sadly we have all seen the several tragic acts of violence that have happened in our country in the past few years. 

Isolated individuals caught up in internet echo chambers of their own making have driven themselves crazy.

Is this a giant social control mechanism?  Or something that has always been a part of human history?

And more importantly what can we do about it?

The simple answer is we first must understand the problem then we can personally guard ourselves against it’s effects.

Then we can expose it for others and work together. 

This book strikes the first blow!

At less than 200 pages in length its a quick easy read easy to share with others and spread.

Grab it now and share it with others:

For the paperback go here:


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