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What Will Beat The Market In 2020? (Besides Gold) – Mike Swanson (01/03/2019)

To beat the market you have to look at what is happening beyond NFLX and ACB and other popular stocks and today I’m going to tell you what I think will beat the market this year.

Now first think about this – last year the S&P 500 went up 28.7%.

The TLT bond ETF went up 11.4%

The GDX gold stock ETF went up 38%.

Of course some top mining stocks went up even more than that as you know from my favorite December top stock pick.

But we were all over gold and silver going into the change of the year in January of 2019 as gold was simply in position to beat the market last year and keep doing so now going forward thanks to the Fed’s new easy money cycle that will define the next ten years.

I did a new video yesterday about why gold is just going to keep going up in what is likely to be one of the big macro trends now going forward. To watch it click here.

But what else besides’ gold is ready to go up?

The answer is to look at what is now not just simply going up, but is in the same position gold was back in June when it smashed through the $1350 resistance level to bust through a stage one base and into a brand new bull market. These are concepts explained in my book Strategic Stock Trading.

And when you do that you see that this is happening to many emerging markets all over the world. Take a look at the emerging markets ETF EEM for example.

EEM broke out at the end of the year and is continuing to go up. Look for EEM to beat the performance of the S&P 500 this year.

Vietnam is now on my radar. Take a look at the Vietnam ETF.

And Turkey is finally busting out after it crashed two years ago.

Of course there are individual stocks for these countries that are in even better position with cheap valuations that pay big dividends. I’ll soon be doing some trades in them for my Top Seven Trading positions in the Power Investor group.

But a rise in emerging markets also will mean a bull run overall in the commodity complex. Materials stocks and energy stocks will soon follow the mining stocks up this year to become big winners.

Gold and silver mining stocks smashed the performance of the S&P 500 last year. They can’t tell you that on CNBC. But that event is going to trickle over into other markets and sectors this year as that is how the cycles work.

All of these trends are linked to ONE big trend I talked about in my video this week. If you missed it watch it by going here: