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New Poll Shows Bernie Sanders With More Than Double the Support of Joe Biden in New Hampshire – Jon Queally (01/31/2020)

A new poll out of the key early voting state of New Hampshire on Tuesday showed that Sen. Bernie Sanders now has double the support of his next closest rival, former vice president Joe Biden, less than two week’s before the first-in-the-nation primary on February 11.

According to the American Research Group survey, conducted between Jan. 24 and Jan. 27, Sanders has the support of 28% of likely Democratic primary voters, compared to Biden’s 13%. Coming in third and fourth place in the poll were former South Bend, Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg with 12% and Sen. Elizabeth Warren with 11%.


Among voters aged 18 to 44, Sanders received 43% of support compared to Biden. Broken down by gender, Biden garnered 6% from women voters while Sanders recieved 25% and Warren recieved 15%.

With a 15-point lead over Biden overall, The Hill notes that the new ARG poll “shows Sanders with a larger lead than other recent polls have found”—though it does comport with an overall surge seen in numerous states and nationally over recent weeks. “Sanders leads by 8 points in New Hampshire in the RealClearPolitics average,” The Hill reported, “with the other most recent surveys finding him ahead by between 5 points and 12 points.”

As Common Dreams reported Sunday, it appears the “big-monied interests are getting very nervous” as polling continues to move in the direction of the senator from Vermont.