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Europe’s Migration Influx: Premeditated and Problematic – Paul Gottfried (01/15/2020)

Europe’s Migration Influx: Premeditated and Problematic

Western Europe stands before an immigration crisis that neither its immigration-enthusiastic governments nor any electoral majority in these countries seem interested in addressing. Consider these numbers:

  • Six hundred thirty million adults hope to immigrate to the First World, according to polls conducted in the Third World by the Migration Policy Institute.
  • Roughly 48 million of the above number are planning to take this step in the next year, while 19 million have legally applied for visas to fulfill their wish.
  • Moreover, 1.1 billion inhabitants of Third World countries plan to move to First World countries to work even if they don’t intend to stay.
  • Immigration organizations tell us that the present population of Africa, which is now at 1.4 billion, will reach 4.4 billion by 2050, if present trends continue.

Even now, millions are streaming from Africa and the Near East into Europe. The EU has obligingly accepted those who have arrived and applied for status as “refugees,” with the EU assigning the task of settling these “refugees” to its member states based on their size and wealth. Germany has been among the most willing to accept newly arrived migrants, likely eager to display their anti-fascist zeal.

Yet something deeper than open-armed acceptance of refugees is at work, as unsettling information in a heavily documented study by former Austrian military officer Herman Mitterer shows. According to Mitterer, immigration from Africa and the Near East has been used by European elites to transform their continent. Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy, Tony Blair, and various EU officials have freely announced their intentions to change the demography and character of European society.

One example of this is former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who admitted to exaggerating the economic advantages of Third World immigration into England. What Blair intended to achieve when he pushed for immigration, as Tom Bower tells us in his 2016 biography of Blair, was turning his homeland into a multicultural society.

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy shared Blair’s viewpoint in a public speech on “obligatory mixing of races.” Framing this as “our purpose,” Sarkozy declared:

The challenge of the mixing of different nations is the challenge of the twenty-first century. There is no choice here but only a duty. It is compulsory! We can do no other; otherwise we risk confrontation with great problems. Therefore we must change and we shall change. We shall all change at the same time—commercial enterprises, governments, political parties—we must all dedicate ourselves to this aim. And if the people don’t agree to it voluntarily, then we shall apply coercive methods.

These opinion-molders may be literally engaged in what the French call “Le Grand Remplacement.” They are actively exchanging their native population for culturally dissimilar immigrants. In 2016, for example, 174,300 immigrants arrived in Austria, while 109,700 indigenous Austrians emigrated. Die Presse and other Austrian newspapers celebrated this exchange as a net plus of 72,394 persons, arguing that the immigrants would enhance the Austrian workforce and increase the funds going into social programs.

Claims that Third World populations, consisting disproportionately of young, unattached males, are being brought in to supplement domestic labor supplies and to provide funding for aging indigenous Europeans are either false or greatly exaggerated. Added crime, disruption, and financial aid given to the arriving “refugees” have driven up public expenses. Moreover, as settlers from the Third World age and bring their kinsfolk after them through “family reunification,” the costs of maintaining unproductive inhabitants go up.

[Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons-Mysyslav Chernov, CC BY-SA 4.0]

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