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Podcast: Rob Clark of The Lone Gunman Podcast on Lee Harvey Oswald, Frazier, Crafard & Dallas Conferences – Mike Swanson (12/04/2019)

I am interested in many topics and one of them is the JFK assassination. I contacted Rob Clark who runs the Lone Gunman Podcast dedicated to that topic. Rob went to Dallas for the first time and attended one of the annual JFK conferences. So I initially reached out to him to get his scoop on what was going on at the event.

Rob did a great post about his trip you can find here full of pictures:

During this conversation we ended up talking about several topics when it comes to the JFK assassination. Here are links to some of the shows Rob has done on these topics:

Larry Crafard:


Did the second floor lunchroom encounter really happen?


You can find his show in Itunes by just doing a search for Lone Gunman Podcast.

You can also find it and the show archive on Spreaker by going here: