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Recent Interviews on a Variety of Topics – Charles Hugh Smith (11/06/2019)

Here’s a list of recent interviews.Since I do a lot of interviews and don’t always post them in a timely manner, here’s a list of recent interviews:

X22 Spotlight: There Are Cycles In The World, We Are Now At The Stage Where Society Is Now Waking Up

KunstlerCast 321 — Chatting with Charles Hugh SmithKeiser Report: ‘Human tragedy’ in San Francisco (25:40)

Advice for Millennials: Low Cost Education and Where the Jobs Are (44 min) (FRA Roundtable)

Part 2 Millennial Advice on Jobs and Affordable Housing (FRA Roundtable)

Will You Be Richer Or Poorer? (FRA Roundtable)

The Era Of Central Banks Pushing The Economy Forward Is Ending (29:23)

We Are UNWILLING PAWNS In The FED’s Game Of Financial Chess (26:26)

What’s Holding the Market Up? (34 minutes)

Parallels Between The Decline of the Roman Empire and America (46 minutes) Market Huddle Episode 41

Longtime readers have noted the absence of gardening and cooking in recent posts, and so here is a snapshot of the potato harvest from our small tub-garden:

Some of the harvest went into this pan of pommes de terre Lyonnaise:

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