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Gold + Silver + Penny Stocks = Winning From The Ground Floor – Mike Swanson (11/01/2019)

Gold and silver have been outperforming the S&P 500 now for 13 months and mining stocks have been going up much more than popular stocks like NFLX, NVDA, and CGC have this year too, but gold and silver began a pullback around Labor Day that has made people stop paying attention to this sector.

But that is changing. Combine that with penny stocks in this space and I believe we can win from the ground floor. Penny stocks trade real cheap, because they are stocks of emerging companies and start ups. Aftermath Silver (trading as FLMZF in the US) is one such stock I own that is just starting to sprout like an acorn first coming up above the ground.

The company just announced huge news in a press release you can find here:


Now I first made Aftermath Silver my stock pick of the month in August. I will have more to say about it next week, but you can find that post with more info on the company by going here.


Disclosure: I own shares of Aftermath Silver, and because it is a small cap stock with less than $100 million in market cap I am placing myself on a voluntary 30-day trading restriction period from the date of this post in which I will not buy or sell a share of Aftermath Silver stock.