Discussion With JP Sottile on Impeachment Geopolitics In This Era Of “Surveillance Capitalism” – Mike Swanson (11/14/2019)

Why do the times we live in seem so strange? After watching the impeachment hearings on TV yesterday I had a wide ranging discussion with investigative journalist JP Sottile who runs the website newsvandal.com about geopolitics and culture in our era of surveillance capitalism. JP’s email list is one of the few that I subscribe to myself and open up every single day. You can get on his list by going to newsvandal.com.

On my WallStreetWindow podcast I talk with guests about all sorts of topics and not just the stock market. I got more interests than stocks as you can find out in my book about the rise of the United States as a global superpower after World War II titled The War State. If you want my most recent views on the action in the markets check out the interview I did with Jim Goddard posted up yesterday titled What Is Really Moving Gold Prices by clicking here.


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