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Coming Soon – Human Time Bomb: The Violence Within Our Nature – Mike Swanson (11/04/2019)

Carmine Savastano, the author of Two Princes And A King, and frequent guest of my podcasts is going to release a new book in a few months.

Human Time Bomb: The Violence Within Our Nature” presents experts and scientific evidence to expose the aggression and violence hardwired into the human condition from our earliest ancestors. It offers several instances of war, diplomacy, and government to unmask the human desires beneath the policies of Earth’s twentieth century superpowers.

The book offers some of the most disturbing parts of human behavior and history for comparison to modern actions that resemble a new version of past oppression under the guise of more recent advocacy. Human Time Bomb deconstructs the balance many humans strike between self-interest and building a fair society while acknowledging our penchant for nepotism, tribalism, and miscasting controversial parts of history to fit specific modern ideologies.

The book Human Time Bomb delves into an increasingly dire threat posed by the drastic reduction of human contact and direct social interactions that scientific evidence infers is fueling rapid spikes in anxiety, violence, and suicide. A lack of coping abilities has left some unable or unwilling to engage in normal daily human interactions and resulting emotions and increasing anxiety has led some to wither inward ceasing most human contact or explode in rage directed at the public. Yet the potential for violence is present within all humans and unless we comprehend the most prevalent triggers and learn to diffuse the related emotions, our minds can be overtaken by unreasonable ideas.

The book will be released in February of 2020, but you can pre-order it from Amazon.com by going to the book page found here.