Trump Trade Deals And The Non-Interventionism Of Ron Paul With Scott Horton – Mike Swanson (10/15/2019)

I just put up a new podcast. After a quick update about last week’s Trump/China trade deal that has turned out to be a trade truce I interview Scott Horton of The Libertarian Institute about a new book he has published titled The Great Ron Paul.

Scott has done well over a thousand, perhaps several thousand, interviews with people mainly regarding US foreign policy and foreign non-interventionism. One of his most important guests has been former Congressman and Presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Scott explains why Ron Paul’s views have been so important since 9/11 and continue to be important today. I also asked him about where this type of thinking is going in this time of Trump and partisan polar politics?

To grab The Great Ron Paul book go here:

You can also listen to this podcast on Youtube by clicking here.

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