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Matt Geiger: Gold & Silver Bull Market Still Has Lots of Room Left to Run – Source – Palisade Radio (09/27/2019)

Matt discusses the nickel market and its performance over the past year. The long-term demand picture looks good as E.V. adoption rates continue to grow, and Matt suggests that lithium-ion batteries should instead be called nickel-ion batteries. He thinks the market will embrace the improving nickel narrative.

The recent surge in nickel prices has nothing to do with this demand narrative; instead, it has everything to do with the Indonesian government banning nickel exports. Matt discusses three nickel companies and what things to watch out for in the nickel space for those looking to gain some exposure.

Matt has increased his weighting of precious metals equities in their portfolio. He is comfortable with this weighting in light of the negative bond yields occurring worldwide. His focus is now on carefully adding base metal and energy metal positions to their portfolio.

He likes the book “Liar’s Poker” by Michael Lewis and discusses the contrarian path he decided to take. He also recommends Ben Graham’s “The Intelligent Investor” along with several additional books on mining and behavioral economics.