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Get Ready For Our September Stock Pick – Mike Swanson (09/01/2019)

In July I made KL my top stock pick of the month and it soared, partly because it was in the right sector as it is a big cap gold mining stock and gold has been red hot.

So has silver and early in August I made Aftermath Silver my top stock for that month and going into this month it is going to remain my top pick for now.

Check out the chart.

Aftermath Silver was consolidating around 14 cents when I made it my top stock pick for August. At the end of the month it broke out on a nice volume increase to rise up to 24 cents.

Now it appears poised to consolidate again for a few weeks around that 20 cents price level (look for it to act as a price magnet). If it does what I expect it will bet setup for another big breakout around the end of this month.

Stocks that stair step are fun stocks and I still own Aftermath Silver and KL too.

In fact you can expect me to continue to update you on what is happening with Aftermath Silver too this month as it is still a ground floor company and stock opportunity just getting started.

I only like to recommend new stocks when they are really lined up for an entry point. That means I can’t do like they others do when they just put out constant stock picks. I really own the stocks I recommend and only put them out there to the public when they have a good entry point.

So I don’t have a new pick for September yet, but I’m watching a lot of stocks trade and have placed them on a watchlist. I did a video for member of private Power Investor group going over some of these stocks this weekend.

The reality is gold, silver, and the mining stocks are poised to continue to outperform the stock market this month too just like they did last month. A simple chart of the GDX shows the difference between what is happening with it and with SPY.

Look for a big stock pick by the end of this month. A lot is going on in the markets now too I’ll be updating you about.


Disclosure: Michael Swanson has a position in the GDX ETF, KL, and has bought 200,000 shares in a private placement offering of Aftermath Silver mentioned that includes 100,000 warrants with a strike price of 12 cents CAD. The shares have a four month hold from the date the offering closes. Because Aftermath Silver is a small cap stock with a market cap of less than $100 million he also is placing himself on a voluntary 30-day trading restriction period from the date of this post in which he will not buy or sell a share of Aftermath Silver stock. Some members of his private Power Investor membership group have also invested in the private placement and other members may have bought the stock in the weeks and days before this post as he made it a Top Seven Trading Position in the group in June in which he tracks his most favorite positions in a model portfolio. To join the Power Investor group yourself click here.