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Time To Talk About My New Stock Pick – Mike Swanson (08/22/2019)

You know about my top public stock pick for this month. In case you are new to this email list the stock is Aftermath Silver and I still believe it is a strong buy.

But you may not know that last week I put out a buy on a new stock in my private Power Investor trading group. And yesterday I did a video about the stock for the group members.

Here is the chart.

Now I have blacked out the name and symbol for this stock, because that information is for members of my private group only. But you can see that it broke out last week out of a long-term resistance zone. You can’t tell from this chart, but that resistance is over two years old.

Notice how the volume is picking up. That is how these things start.

This is the same thing that happened with Aftermath Silver. In the group we got in early in June before it began to move this month.

This stock looks like it is likely to consolidate here much like Aftermath Silver did for several weeks and then make another move higher in late September or early October.

That means we are entering a great buying window for this stock.

If you want to get access to the video I did yesterday in which I mentioned it then all you need to do is join my private Power Investor group.

To do that go here:


If you don’t join don’t worry as I will still have plenty of information in my free emails, but if you really want to get involved in this bull move in the mining sector then you really should get into the Power Investor group.