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My Top Stock Pick For August Aftermath Silver Launches Again! – Mike Swanson (08/28/2019)

If you have been following my updates then you know that on August the 6th I made Aftermath Silver my top stock pick for the month. It’s a Canadian small cap silver company with a US OTC listing that trades under the symbol FLMZF. At the time of that post it was trading at 13 cents.

The stock popped up a bit and consolidated after my post in a narrow range and yesterday it broke out of resistance to begin what should be a new leg up.

I circled the date I made my public top stock post about the stock. Yes it has been a fun ride for people who got on and I think it is only going to continue.

Yesterday silver closed above $18.00 and that is just going to draw more attention to Aftermath Silver. I talked about the action in the stock market and silver and gold Tuesday afternoon with Jim Goddard in an interview you can find here:


Now I actually I put Aftermath Silver in my list of top ten trading positions for my private Power Investor trading group in June when it was trading around 7 cents so there are people I know really killing it in the stock and I own shares too.

But even if you bought this month you are now winning when most of the really popular stocks like ACB, CGC, and AAPL are not doing so well this month. Winning in the markets is all about going to where the money is going and gold and silver broke out in June and have not stopped going up.

This is simply what is happening.

Now small cap stocks are hardly the only thing I do. On Tuesday I sent out a private trade alert as soon as I bought a big ETF position that does millions of shares of volume every day. That ETF went up over 1% yesterday even with the stock market weakness. This trade has nothing to do with gold or silver, but you can find out about that trade and get my future private trades by joining the Power Investor group. To do that just go here:


Disclosure: Michael Swanson has bought 200,000 shares in a private placement offering of Aftermath Silver mentioned that includes 100,000 warrants with a strike price of 12 cents CAD. The shares have a four month hold from the date the offering closes. Because Aftermath Silver is a small cap stock with a market cap of less than $100 million he also is placing himself on a voluntary 30-day trading restriction period from the date of this post in which he will not buy or sell a share of Aftermath Silver stock. Some members of his private Power Investor membership group have also invested in the private placement and other members may have bought the stock in the weeks and days before this post as he made it a Top Seven Trading Position in the group in June in which he tracks his most favorite positions in a model portfolio. To join the Power Investor group yourself click here.