Home Stock Market Commentary High Noon Live Stock Market Discussion – Mike Swanson (08/26/2019)

High Noon Live Stock Market Discussion – Mike Swanson (08/26/2019)

I’m going to try something today as an experiment and that is a live stock market discussion. If you look at the bottom of this page you’ll see a comment box. It is a module for wordpress that also enables us to post links to charts and even html snippets – it also is supposed to block spam, which is a problem with wordpress when you just let anyone comment. You have to register with the module to comment as a result, but odds are you may already have done so as it is used by thousands of websites.

I’ll be here for an hour or two and if you got any questions just put it in the box.

I am not turning this comment box on for all posts on the site, but just this one. If this goes well then I may do a post like this every day at 12:00 PM EST and we can talk about the day’s trading action and any opportunities we see together.

Here is a question for you – what are your thoughts on gold now? Do you think we could be entering a “stairway to heaven” type of rally for gold stocks like I posted about this morning?