Carmine Savastano On OSS Founder Wild Bill Donovan – Source – The Ochelli Effect (08/07/2019)

Last week Carmine Savastano of was on The Ochelli Effect.

“Many will state that the Office Of Strategic Services is what later became the CIA. The two agencies are related but the OSS did not morph into what we know as the CIA today. Methods and sources did not transfer as simple as many assume. The OSS was one of the multiple incarnations of civilian and military collaborative intelligence efforts. Carmine took us through the establishment and subsequent end of the Office of Strategic Services during this Thor’s Day night Ochelli Effect. From Wild Bill to Julia Child and Allen Dulles to James Angleton the story of the OSS is loaded with fascinating individuals who continued for decades to affect many things publicly and privately,” writes Chuck Ochelli.

To listen to this MP3 file click here.

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