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When It Comes To My Stock Account Here Is My Plan For Big Money – Mike Swanson (07/07/2019)

This week the Federal Reserve Chairman is going to have his big yearly economic outlook testimony to Congress. It’s the same week of the Major League Baseball All-Star game that comes at the half way point in the baseball season.

And July is a reminder that we are at the half way point in the year too.

So to make sure we make this a great year for us in the markets it’s time to take stock of our account performances and figure out what we need to do in order make the second half of this year a big one.

That’s my plan and that’s my goal.

And I want to help you do it too.

I put up a screen shot of my real big account for you (not my small play Robinhood Account) you can find on this page here.

The key to beating the market is to simply be in the best stocks in the best sectors of the market that are going up more than the market averages.

It’s as simple as that.

That’s how you have a big second half that beats the performance of the stock market averages.

And it’s about getting good entry points in those opportunities.

My private trading alerts can do that for you.

This is the big money.

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