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Today In Small Caps I Only Do Big Plays, Never Chase Anything, And Do Not Trade With Apps! – Mike Swanson (07/10/2019)

I did an interview with Jim Goddard about my current views of the markets and what I think is about to happen next with gold. To listen to it go here:


Now as you know this month I raised the price of my Power Investor Service and have gotten some questions about it.

Here is one:

Hi I’ve been a subsriber to WSW for a few years now and was wondering how many subscribers does your private services have and will there be a limit established? I’m concerned once you send an alert there will be a rush to buy or sell which could move those securities abnormally.This forces some members to buy to high or sell to lowI’ve seen this happen before and for those of us who can’t watch our emails every second of the we always make bad traders.I would appreciate your commentsThanksAlan ******
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You are right to make sure you are not in a position where you are being told to chase stocks. This is one reason I rarely watch “Fast Money” as usually they just talk about whatever popular stock is up the most that day and yell buy!

But you are an unusual person to worry about this.

One funny thing about trade recommendation services and TV shows that cause gap ups is that the masses have no problem with it. You’d think it would be the opposite, but the average person simply likes to buy stocks after they see them go up a lot. They hate the idea of buying something before it moves as they think that if it isn’t moving than it is boring. They simply crave action and that why so many people are simply stock chasers. Even if they get caught holding the bag they can’t help themselves and just do it again and again.

This is why right now there is ZERO interest among the masses in mining stocks on Robinhood as I talked about in the live video I did Monday. They are consolidating right now and people won’t really get into them until the next breakout begins even if now is the time they should be buying them.

Now I do not advocate chasing stocks and most of the trades I do in the Power Investor Group are for ETF’s and big cap stocks and I do not think I have any impact on them at all.

I am all about getting in at a good risk to reward entry point before a big move happens.

Now that does not mean that a big move always does happen, but if it does not than you are not risking much. What is funny is that as I talked about Monday an incredible chart pattern is actually lining up now with many of the mining stocks, but no one cares to buy now.

I also personally don’t like to be around stock chasers and mad gamblers. If you had people coming up to you in 2017 at Christmas parties telling you to buy Bitcoin at 20,000 and how some other crap coin was going to change the world then you know how unbearable such people can be. They have no plan and just buy into some concept and then try to convince you that they know something.

By raising the price for Power Investor I discourage such people from even thinking of getting into my group!

Now I do at times have a small cap stock as a trade recommendation and am now devoting more attention to them as the opportunities are so big now in the mining world with them. I have a stock right now that I bought shares of for 10 cents just six weeks ago that is now trading at 40 cents. And I have another one I bought at 8 cents that I think can go to 30 cents, but it has not moved yet.

In the private group though I do not tell people to buy stocks that gap up and I don’t do that myself.

Instead when it comes to small cap stocks I buy private placements. That way I buy at a specific certain price and also get a warrant attached to my shares. These type of deals though are only available to accredited investors and when I see a good one I pass it along to Power Investor members.

But one has to be an accredited investor to participate in something like that – and that’s another reason why I raised the price for the Power Investor group.

The service IS NOT for someone who has a few hundred bucks and wants to get rich overnight by buying something that gaps up on the opening thinking it will then go up forever.

It’s only for serious market players and that’s why it is an institutional level service. When you buy a private placement you are not chasing any action at all, but not everyone can buy one.

And private placements are only small part of what I do. Really when it comes to trading I mostly do exchange traded funds and big cap stocks. Private placements in small caps are something I only am doing with a small amount of money.

The service is not for the masses. I have realized that there is nothing I can do to help them. They don’t want to learn as all they want to is chase things or to be told that holding their AAPL or NVDA position that they bought four years ago makes them a genius when those stocks are lagging the market this year acting as portfolio millstones.

The Power Investor service is only for people either serious about learning the markets and applying real tactics to them to go from small to big or that already are a big market player and wants to be in a group of like minded people ready to make the big plays that big money people can make. There is only a small number of people out there like that and so the group will never be but so large.

The service isn’t for some kid playing on a phone app buying some stupid crypto coin, because someone told him if he puts $100 into it he’ll make a million.

I better stop before I trigger someone.

Thanks for your question.

I still try to give out a lot of good info for free, but if you want to get my really powerful info just go here and I’ll see you on the other side: