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This Post Today Is Not About The Price Of Gold Or Mining Stocks – Mike Swanson (07/01/2019)

I’ve been talking a lot about gold and mining stocks with you in these updates, but this one today is not about gold. Now I talked about whether this current gold rally is real or not with Ike Iossif on Friday(his money flow indicators tell us the answer and what to do today).

And then yesterday in the private Power Investor group I talked about a mining stock I am buying that I believe is going to be a classic “ten bagger” as Peter Lynch used to say. It’s trading at 8 cents, but is not going to just explode overnight. It will take a few years to get to where I think it can go.

Most people want quicker trades. They want to make gains in a few days or a week and not get a situation that may take a few years to completely play out.

Those are the type of trades that my friend Matt Morris is an expert at.

And he has put together a great presentation on the three “trading tells” he uses in microcap stocks to aim for quick gains.

To watch Matt’s video and get going with his material just click here: