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It Looks Like Our Top Stock Pick For July Is Ready To Move Again – Mike Swanson (07/30/2019)

I got an email from someone asking me how to play Apple earnings, because they report after the close today.

My answer is I have no idea and I don’t believe anyone else does either.

Trying to guess how a stock will react to earnings is pretty much gambling and AAPL has been a lagging stock now for almost a year so it’s a waste of time to mess with and does nothing to help a portfolio out in 2019.

AAPL did boost portfolio returns in 2014 and 2017, but not anymore. Stocks that were big popular fads one year tend not to continue that trend forever – especially if their rise was due to one product that has lost its luster. That was the big story five years ago and not the story of today.

No one cares anymore about Iphones. They are just overpriced $1,000 phone fads now.

If you want to beat the market you have to be in the best stocks and the best sectors that are outperforming the stock market averages and AAPL is no longer doing that.

This is how my little Robinhood Account is doing so well. I started it last year right before Labor Day and it is smashing the performance of AAPL and even the SPY ETF.

Here is a screen shot from yesterday’s close.

If you are just starting out you can get a free share of stock by opening up a Robinhood Account by using this link here.

Now if you are someone who is a serious player in the market looking for a big edge than I suggest you get into my private Power Investor trading group.

The focus in the group is to simply be in the seven best possible trading situations possible. Yes, KL is one of the positions, but one of the other seven stocks went up 12.42% yesterday.

If you are in the private group you know about it, because I have had a laser focus on it all month.

If you aren’t in the group then you know about KL, because I talked about it in a public video and blog post early in July as my free pick of the month.

Yesterday it went up 3.14% and looks like it is ready to go to a new high again as you can see from this chart.

KL became one of my top seven positions in my Power Investor group in May, but I do think even though it has gone up a lot since then that people can still buy it and expect to do much better than anyone holding on to AAPL stock going forward for the rest of this year.

Buying a stock and seeing it go up like this now is a lot more fun than talking to “siri” or “alexa” for that matter.

What is funny about KL is I have yet to hear ANYONE on CNBC recommend it.

And they certainly aren’t talking about the small cap stock I got that went up over 12% yesterday and I believe is only just getting started. It is not part of my play Robinhood Account, but the real money we talk about in the private group.

Get in the group and be a part of what we are doing. Just go here: