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Here Are The Top Five Exchange Traded Funds Ranked By Volume – Mike Swanson (07/15/2019)

I’m sure if you have been watching the metals markets like I have that you have noticed that while gold broke out of long-term resistance last month, silver has yet to do so.


I did an interview with silver expert David Morgan about that question you can listen to here:


Now today I want to show something interesting. These are the top five ETF’s that trade in the US ranked by how much trading volume they did on Friday.

Number one is SPY, which is no surprise.

The second one though is a big surprise.

GDX did the second most trading volume on Friday of any other ETF yet the masses are not in it!

According to Robinhood only 4,042 people that have an account with them own GDX. It can’t even make the top 100 list on there.

Yet it is second in trading volume.

So if the masses aren’t trading it then who is?

I’m going to tell you tomorrow.

Yes, I do own GDX, but I’m not the one making this volume happen – lol.

You need to know who the real big players are.

But here is the third ETF in terms of Friday’s volume.

And number four is emerging markets ETF EEM.

Few small traders are not into EEM either. So it also is odd what is happening with it.

But people are into bonds so it’s no shock that this next ETF is number five.

Bonds have been doing better than stocks in 2019 and there was an actual big money shift among the masses out of stocks after the 20% decline in the S&P 500 into last Christmas that made many people sell ETF’s like SPY and move their money into bond ETF’s.

But they did not move into gold.

I’ll talk about what is happening tomorrow with GDX.

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