Great, Gold is on Fire, But What About Silver’s Party? – Source – Kitco News (07/03/2019)

Although gold has seen historically high gains this week, silver’s potential shouldn’t be overlooked, according to David Morgan, editor of the Morgan Report. “Silver is the only place to go at this level,” Morgan said. “If you get 92 silver rounds for what you get one ounce for, it pays to just buy the silver, wait, and swap it into gold when the ratio drops lower.”

With the gold-silver ratio currently around the 92 mark, Morgan said silver is currently languishing; however, gold’s ongoing rally will push the silver price higher.

“Gold is doing well, it will drag silver up,” he said. “Silver has become a bit of a different market since the advent of the cryptocurrencies… once monetary demand comes back, you’ll see silver accelerate because it’s a small market.”

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