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Aftermath Silver Podcast and Update – David Skarica (07/09/2019)

In this podcast David Skarica of addictedtoprofits.net interviewed Mike Williams, the CEO of Aftermath Silver.

“To follow up on Aftermath I did an interview with Mike Williams the companies CEO.   The company trades under the ticker AAG-h on the TSX exchange (the h will be removed once the financing is complete). We discuss Mike’s history in mining, his successes and the potential of Aftermath. For those interested as stated in our last email the company is raising money at 8 cents with a 3 year half warrant at 12 cents.  This should close in 1-2 weeks. If you are interested please contact me at addictedtoprofits@hotmail.com and I will forward you further information on the opportunity.   I have also enclosed the PPM form and the Company presentation below the podcast interview.    CLICK HERE for the interview and for more information on Aftermath,” writes David Skarica.

DISCLOSURE – Mike Swanson of WallStreetWindow owns shares in Aftermath. David Skarica’s family owns shares in Aftermath.