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We Now Have Lift-Off In Gold Stocks (Breakout Confirmed Today) – Mike Swanson (06/20/2019)

We now have lift-off for gold stocks today as the GDX not only opened up above $24.00, but is now trading above $25.00!

There was a risk that gold stocks would gap up and sell the opening, but they held the open to bring in more and more buyers as this day has gone on. Human chart readers and computer robots saw the confirmation by noon and have been buying ever since.

While the GDX gold stock ETF has cleared long-term resistance to launch the price of gold is still $10 below the key $1400 an ounce resistance level.

If it is above $1400 on the 4:00 PM close today then the Total Gold Trading Program will go down tonight so grab it now:


Take a look at this chart.

That is lift-off!

And look at this long-term chart to put this move in context.

The GDX has cleared resistance going back for over two years. The longer the base the bigger the run.

Now is the time to grab The Total Gold Trading Program before gold follows GDX to break orbit.

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