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The Clock Is Ringing Look For Gold To Launch Through $1400 – Mike Swanson (06/21/2019)

Yesterday the GDX gold stock ETF closed above its two and a half year long-term resistance level to launch out of a consolidation base into a new bull run.

On the day that gold closes above $1400 my Total Gold Trading Program will go down:


It’s happening soon – at any moment now. Check out the gold chart.

Gold closed only $4 away from $1400 on Thursday!

It already has cleared through $1350. And we could close above $1400 today or perhaps pause a few days below it first.

We are beginning a move that is going to last for years. This rally is unlike all of those that have come since 2009, because it is starting with the Federal Reserve poised to begin a whole new cycle of lowering interest rates. The odds of a rate cut in July according to the Fed Fund Futures contract is now 100%.

It is no coincidence that last month the silver commercials and hedgers inside the futures market went net long for only the third time in thirty years.

The best way though to profit in a move like this in any sector is to buy the best stocks in the sector. Those stocks end up going up more than the sector ETF does.

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