Mike Swanson on Trump’s Trade War and the Current Bubble – Source – Scott Horton Show (06/06/2019)

” Mike Swanson joins Scott to talk about President Trump’s latest tariff announcement against Mexico. Trump and his team may think these trade policies are good for the economy, says Swanson, but they may also just be using the trade war as a way to shift blame elsewhere, should the U.S. have a bad recession during Trump’s presidency. Yet another possibility is that Trump knows protectionism is deleterious overall, but believes the effect may be worse on countries like Mexico and China, so that if the world economy takes a hit, America may come out better than others, and still be able to attract investment. Swanson believes many of the same signs from the 2008 crisis are pointing to another big recession that could come in the next year or two. His advice: buy gold and silver now,” writes Scott Horton.

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