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Here Is A Stock Sector Fueled Up Ready To Launch – Mike Swanson (06/13/2019)

Yes! This is another email this week about mining stocks from me, because no one else is talking about them with you anywhere.

Now I have been talking about the gold $1,350 and $1,400 price points as the key levels for you to watch in the markets now, but people are paying zero attention to mining stocks right now even though the sector is poised to launch too – and to do so AHEAD of gold.

The key level for the GDX gold stock ETF (which I do have a position in) that you need to watch is the $23.69-$24.00 zone.

Here is a long-term chart of the GDX.

As you can see the GDX has been consolidating for over three years now and is now right under its key resistance level, which is in the $23.69 to $24.00 range.

A close above $24.00 will make chart watchers into buyers to launch a new bull run.

Once that gets going the higher it goes the more the masses will buy as the they merely chase!

Expect GDX to close above $24.00 much sooner than gold closes above $1400.

You know Federal Reserve interest rates are coming with the inverted yield gold that historically pushed the gold price up.

The logical thing to do is to put what you know to work!

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