The Ochelli Effect: Oily Tears Socrates Wept – Mike Swanson (05/10/2019)

On Tuesday night I was live on The Ochelli Effect. After I talked JP Sotille of talked in the second hour.

“Philosophical dissection and vivisection fuel the discussion in the first hour with Mike Swanson. Chuck asks what Michael thinks is yet to come in the economic calamity that seems to be lurking just over the horizon while asking all the time, “Who is actually benefiting from the allegedly thriving economy”? Does the idea of Iranian assets in Venezuela make any sense to anyone? One fabricated crisis after another is aiding the anxiety content of your humble host. Mike is also publishing a book exposing another con-artist who calls herself Judyth Vary Baker,” writes Chuck Ochelli.

You can listen to this MP3 file by clicking here.

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