Kennedy Execution Baker Demolition Part Two – The Ochelli Effect (05/15/2019)

Last Friday JFK assassination expert and historian Walt Brown was live on The Ochelli Effect to talk about his books the Kennedy Execution and Judyth Vary Baker: In Her Own Words.

“Listener feedback got the ball rolling for the conversation. Chuck and Walt discuss the progression of paradigm shaping events that carried The United States and the rest of the world through the eras of WW2, The Cold Wars early years, and the President striving for peace in 1963 surrounded by ‘hawks’,” writes Ochelli.

Walt does not believe in the single bullet theory to say the least and is on top of new developments in JFK assassination research.

You can listen to this MP3 by clicking here.

Grab Walt’s new book on Judyth Vary Baker (Oswald’s girlfriend?) by clicking here.

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