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Judyth Vary Baker Says She Was Lee Harvey Oswald’s Girlfriend, But Was She? – Mike Swanson (05/08/2019)

Judyth Vary Baker has written books, given talks, and done interviews telling her story. She claims that she was Lee Harvey Oswald’s girlfriend and as a result has what amounts to inside information on the events surrounding the JFK assassination.

Big claims have been made by many since 1963 regarding the JFK assassination by some, but over the past ten years, no one has garnered the attention that Judyth Baker has as she has appeared in countless alternative media shows with her story. When things like the single bullet theory are hard to believe people look for someone that provides all the answers.

Some people have been mean to Baker and that really isn’t warranted and such behavior should be denounced! Instead what she says should be taken seriously and analyzed with the historical record to see if it helps improve our understanding of events or only confuses.

One of the most renowned JFK assassination experts is historian Walt Brown, the author of countless pages on the topic, including The Kennedy Execution. Walt has just come out with a simple fun to read book that simply takes a look at Judyth Vary Baker’s own words and applies some analysis to them. What is credible and what is not?

That is the topic of this video.

You can get this book directly from Walt with the physical version you can hold in your own hands. The instructions to do that are here:


You can also find the interview Walt Brown recently did with Chuck Ochelli about his important book The Kennedy Execution by clicking here.

The book is also available on Kindle with a release date of June 1, 2019:


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