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While WILC Breaks Out TSLA Tests Major Price Support – Mike Swanson (04/25/2019)

Some wild things are happening in the stock market. Early this week I talked about four stocks to watch and yesterday I brought one of them to your attention as a breakout candidate before the market opened.

Well once the market opened the stock took off for a 4.53% gain and was up at one point during the day almost 9%. But that 4.53% gain still managed to put it on many lists of people following the top gainers!

It’s WILC.

What led to the move was a simple breakout of the consolidation pattern.

There were was no big news on the stock – it was the pattern that triggered.

And that’s what is happening in the markets at this moment – it is pure price action that matters now and not news.

Now that we are well into the earnings season what is happening is telling us that this is more the case than ever before.

Boeing had earnings yesterday and they were awful. They also announced that they were halting their stock buyback operation. And the stock didn’t dump.

However, Caterpillar posted good earnings and saw its stock drop over 2% anyway.

More than 20% of the S&P 500 has reported their earnings so far this month and 80% of the ones that have reported have “beat” analyst earnings expectations. However, companies overall are missing on the more important revenue expectations.

That’s bad, but it hasn’t mattered yet to the stock market.

Yes, some individual stocks are not acting as you would think they should to their earnings while others are going up when you think they shouldn’t.

We are in a moment that all that matters is pure price action.

Today the stock to watch in regards to price is TSLA. Last night it reported a crushing loss, posting one that actually missed analyst estimates. The company lost $2.90 a share on revenue of $4.54 billion, which was under the expectations for $5.19 billion in revenue.

Would you want to buy a car from a company that is likely to go bankrupt?

But all that matters is the price chart.

If TSLA breaks support it will begin a justified price collapse.

If it holds here though than the robots and daytraders and Musk fans can continue to buy it.

Take a look at the chart.

Support on TSLA is at $254. That level has held for the past twelve months and triggered buying and short covering.

A close below $254 will mark the beginning of a long drawn out decline to what will likely be ZERO for TSLA.

What matters now and tomorrow and next week will be how the stock price action reacts to last nights disaster earnings?

Can TSLA dodge another bad earnings report like it has before or begin to fade away much like so many cryptos did after they peaked in December of 2017.

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