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Interview: Junior Gold Miners in a “Sweet Spot” – Mike Swanson (04/17/2019)

In this interview done by Jim Goddard for www.howestreet.com I gave my updated views of the markets and where I think the best opportunities now are for people to put new money to use.

The number one spot most Americans NEED to move some money into my view is gold and mining stocks – not just because they can go up the next time the stock market goes down like they did last fall, but because they are positioned to go up for the next several years in this new cycle shift with the Federal Reserve.

Gold has pulled back for the past six weeks to provide an entry point.

During this dip gold stocks have held up well and many junior mining stocks have simply sat their consolidating so are now lined up for a breakout.

This week I put a buy alert on one of the top performing mining stocks this year for my private Power Investor trading group to take advantage of this situation.

With Goddard, I also talked about something that has been in a bear market for eight years that is positioned to potentially begin a new one. We’re watching this like a hawk with a trigger point in the Power Investor group too.

You get into the group for 30-days as a bonus to my book give away deal for Strategic Stock Trading.

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