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Interview – Author Walt Brown of The Kennedy Execution – Mike Swanson (03/31/2019)

In this special interview, I talked with Walt Brown the author of The Kennedy Execution: Six-Seconds That Kept The Military-Industrial ‘Cold War’ Alive. When you see that the single-bullet theory is a myth you then look for the real answers to the JFK assassination.

Walt talks about the background to the assassination, the importance of the JFK Presidency and what the assassination actually kept going.

Walt is one of the most important authors on the JFK assassination. You can get his book The Kennedy Execution by contacting him directly. At the end of this video he says how.

He is also the author of the Master Chronology of The JFK Assassination and several classic books available on Amazon.com:

The People V. Lee Harvey Oswald:


Treachery in Dallas:


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