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Hypnosis Myths and Facts When It Comes To Manchurian Candidates – Mike Swanson (03/17/2019)

subject: Robert Kennedy chats with reporters prior to his assassination at the Ambassador Hotel. Los Angeles, California June 5, 1968 Photographer- Bill Eppridge Time Inc Owned Merlin- 990381

Were Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, and men such as George Hinckley remote control Manchurian Candidates? Ever since the movie the Manchurian Candidate came out just months after the JFK assassination the idea of using CIA MK/Ultra mind control to force people to carry out crimes against their will has been in many movies, books, and in culture. Many people who have made theories about the RFK assassination over the years also hit on this theme.

Authors Larry Hancock and Carmine Savastano talk about this topic and whether it is mythical or real. Did the MK Ultra programs achieve this level of mind control over individuals in their experiments?

Carmine has written an article on this you can find here:


You can find Larry Hancock’s most recent book Creating Chaos at Amazon by clicking here.

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