Home Stock Trading Strategies USDP Is Now Soaring – Mike Swanson (02/04/2019)

USDP Is Now Soaring – Mike Swanson (02/04/2019)

Several times last month I pointed out USDP as a potential stock for you buy. On Friday AMZN dumped 5% while USDP went up 2.30% to make a new 52-week high.

I point out what is happening in USDP not to tell you to buy it now, because I never tell you to chase anything. I’m not a “Fast Money” CNBC yeller.

I point it out to you to tell you that it is in a defensive sector and those are the sectors now leading the market. Things like gold and mining stocks are going up as the FOMC no longer can raise interest rates and so are high dividend paying stocks while past fad stocks like AMZN and NVDA continue to lag.

USDP is paying a 12.38% dividend.

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