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General Charles Willoughby, General Walker, And The JFK Assassination In Dallas Texas – Mike Swanson (02/22/2019)

The Warren Commission says that Lee Harvey Oswald shot at General Edwin Walker while some have said he was actually involved in the JFK assassination. Carmine Savastano looks at the evidence behind the Walker shooting while Michael Swanson shares some records of General Charles Willoughby who some have claimed was a JFK assassination mastermind. What do these files reveal about this general.

General Walker was inspired by the John Birch Society to become a radical in the military and then attempt to run for office.

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Carmine Savastano’s article on the General Walker shooting (with the letter to Walker after the JFK assassination at the end of it is available herehttps://www.tpaak.com/walker-allegations.

Another Savanasto article on the Walker shooting and rumors about Oswald:

The Rumor heard around the World

Book’s referred to in this video:

The Politics of Rage Dan Carter

Nut Country: Right-Wing Dallas And The Birth Of The Southern Strategy – Edward Miller

General Walker and the Murder of President Kennedy: The Extensive New Evidence of a Radical-Right Conspiracy – Jeffrey Caufield

General Willoughby Files

File 1 October 29, 1959 letter from H.L. Hunt Assistant to General Willoughby

File 2 January, 1960 letter H.L. Hunt to Willoughby rejecting combination of LIFE LINE with Hargis’s Christian Crusade

File 3 1954 Letter from H.L. Hunt assistant to Willoughby describing Dallas 100 Club

File 4 – letter two again, scanned it twice…mistake in numbering

File 5 – January 1961 – Willoughby letter to Hunt detailing his view of the CIA and his efforts with Christian Crusade and the war against communism as he gets older

File 6 – 1969 Invitation to Willoughby to become a US leader of the World Anti-Communist league

Here is a clip of General Walker a few days after the JFK assassination:

Here is a clip of Billy James Hargis: