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This Double Bottom Buy Pattern Has Activated For This Trade – Mike Swanson (01/25/2019)

In case you missed it yesterday I did a live stock trading video in which I went through five top stocks and explained what we must do now to actually make a good stock pick.

A year ago you could throw your money at any stock you heard about and do good, because the market conditions were so bullish. Now you have to be selective and this video shows you how the process works that I use to pick out stocks.

You can watch it by going here.

Now I don’t actually own any of these stocks I mentioned in the video.

There is nothing wrong with them. It’s simply that I can’t own every single stock in the world and I already have positions and only tell people in my private group about the things I really own.

I use several patterns to take trades with and my favorite one is something I call The Two Fold Formula.

One of those positions that I do own for real though has lined up to create a double bottom buy pattern.

Here is the chart.

You can see that you could easily buy this right now and put a stop loss under $37.00 for a very row risk entry point. A rally to $47 looks likely now and this may indeed go even higher as that happens a lot with double bottoms.

So we are talking about a great risk to reward entry point and that’s the type of trading I do and can help you do too.

That’s why I can’t tell people to buy Apple now. It is lagging the market and has no good setup. If you buy it you are basically gambling.

And that’s not what I’m about.

Now I have marked out the symbol and name of this chart, because it is only for people in my private trading group.

They were notified of another trade I did in my main account yesterday.

If you want to find out about this double bottom position and get my future real account trades then just join my private group.

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