Home Stock Trading Strategies There Are New Bull Market Sectors Now Appearing – Mike Swanson (01/14/2019)

There Are New Bull Market Sectors Now Appearing – Mike Swanson (01/14/2019)

No one is right all of the time in the markets, but Jim Cramer says something that is correct and that is that there is a new bull market starting somewhere.

We are in a key moment in the markets that marks a time of transition in which new sectors are now turning up to become the new leaders while many popular stocks are stuck in limbo with broken charts.

That’s one thing that the drop that began in early October is about.

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You watch what holds up – or even goes up – in a big stock market drop like we saw going into New Years to identify where the new strength in the market is.

Last year several sectors went up when the market fell.

And the sign of confirmation is that these same sectors are actually leading this year too.

This is where the action now is in the market.

Most of everything else has simply bounced where these new sectors and sectors are now going up for real.

You can put gold, silver, and the mining stocks at the top of this leader list now.

Gold is above it’s 200-day moving average now while most of the popular fad stocks still have broken charts. NVDA is the worst performing stock in the entire S&P 500 now since October 1st while NEM is the fifth best performing stock.

Even this morning NVDA is poised to gap down before the open while gold is ticking up before the open.

The opportunity is in knowing how to adapt to these new market conditions.

Yes that does take some knowledge and knowing the right chart patterns.

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