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The One Thing You Need To Do To Win In The Markets In 2019 – Mike Swanson (01/02/2019)

In less than two hours we are going to begin this trading year. I’m very excited for the opportunities that are coming in 2019. Stock market volatility, which is only just starting, is going to give traders who align with the real trends of the market a chance to make some nice gains. And we can look forward to new sectors and asset classes to rise too.

I did a video for you yesterday with my take on what to expect for the markets in 2019. If you missed it go here to watch it:

I know most people are not feeling excited about this year as they are sitting on losing stocks and worse some feel trapped in the markets.

We entered a bear market and much of the financial media is telling people to ignore what is happening while new opportunities to actually profit are appearing.

There is a story this weekend by Reuters quoting retirees fully invested in the stock market who are scared and frozen.

Here is a key quote:

“I have not looked at my numbers. I’m afraid to do it,” said Farrington, who recently moved to Charleston, South Carolina, from Boston. “We’ve been conditioned to stand pat and not panic. I sure hope my advisers are doing the same.”

Retirees are worrying about their nest eggs as this month’s sell-off rounds out the worst year for stocks in a decade, and some fear they are headed for a day of reckoning like the 2008 market meltdown or dot-com crash of the early 2000s.

Retirees have less time to recover from bad investment moves than younger workers. If they or their advisers panic and sell during a brief downturn, they may lock in a more meager retirement. But their portfolio could be even more at risk if they hold on too long in a prolonged decline.

“I have no way of riding it out if that happens,” said Farrington. “I can feel the anxiety in my stomach all the time.”

The reality is people like this only feel trapped. But they really aren’t! They only feel this way because they are only looking at two choices – hold and hope for the best and face a potential wipe out or sell everything and never be able to make any more money again.

I believe we are now in a bear market that will indeed wipe many people out when it is over. But I am not 100% in cash.

I own some stocks. I also am short some stocks and long gold. I am not fully invested in my accounts, because I built some cash reserves going into October to LIMIT my risks. Instead of making me make nothing I actually have generated a gain while the stock market has fallen. I have a lot of money in my main account and LOTS of positions, but I created a simple Seven Position Robinhood Account around Labor Day that is currently up almost 4% while the stock market fell over 17% from its highs. I wasn’t trying to make some huge amount of money fast, but just do some simple things to win with steady type gains instead of wild portfolio swings. Here are the results.

Members of my private Power Investor group get notified when I make a trade in this account. And since it uses seven positions at once it’s easy for people to follow.

But what I want to tell you about today is the most important thing you need to do in 2019 to WIN in the markets.

That is to simply align yourself with the trends.

That means accept reality for what it is and going with it. When the big trends change you change with them.

That’s how you win in the markets.

You don’t do it by buying into tops and hot tips and selling out on bottoms.

There is a huge opportunity in 2019. When market cycles change and volatility comes those that adapt first not only survive, but thrive.

When January arrives many people look back on the previous year that comes to a close and make resolutions about the future. When it comes to investing everyone in the market is making a decision today.

Many are deciding to do nothing new in 2019 and just let the same things that happened to them in 2018 play out again on them and others are deciding to look at the new situations developing and make the changes necessary to take advantage of them.

I am going to do everything I can to help you do this in my emails, videos, interviews, and posts. But if you want to really get involved with what I am doing then you need to grab my entire road map for 2019 and beyond.

I don’t think there is a single better decision you can make when it comes to investing then to get it and join my private trading group.

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