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One Of My Favorite Indicators Says Buy This Stock – Mike Swanson (01/28/2019)

One of my favorite technical analysis indicators is telling us to buy USDP.

I’ll show you that chart in a second.

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Now secondly, in case you missed it, I interviewed Ike Iossif of marketviews.tv to get his take on the stock market as he got a big sell signal on the market in December and a buy signal in early January with some of his key indicators.

And that kind of sums up how many people feel as they saw the market dump last year and this year have seen it rally so are not sure which move to believe. Ike explained his take on this here:


Now I’m going to tell you that it is very risky now to make big bets on SPY either way this week at this moment.

But that is ok because the reality is we are seeing some defensive sectors and stocks go up with real buying. Things such as gold went up in December when the stock market fell and are going up in January too so the bull action is steady, consistent, and fun to be a part of.

Yes, I own gold and many mining stocks! And you should too!

Now USDP is a stock that I mentioned last Monday and again on Wednesday as one such stock and on Friday it went up 1% in a day and has been outperforming the stock market now for months.

This is a stock paying a 13% dividend and notice how the on balance volume indicator on the bottom of its chart is surging.

As you can see the on balance volume indicator made a new two year high on Friday. This an accumulation indicator that confirms the current breakout.

This is a stock that pays a 13% dividend in a defensive sector. This is not a stock like NVDA trading below its 200-day moving average that went up two years ago by being linked to Bitcoin hype. This is a stock in a strong sector in 2019 with the right setup.

I’m all about good entry points and never will tell you to chase anything.

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