Ochelli Effect: When Trading Robots Dominate The Stock Market And Algos Your Mind – Mike Swanson (01/28/2019)

On Tuesday last week I was live on The Ochelli Effect talking about how trading robots have grown in the past twenty years to make the bulk of stock trades every single day. After I was on JP Sotille of newsvandal.com was on in the second hour.

To listen to this MP3 file click here.

“The conversation actually turned to the owners versus managers paradigm in society in a way you may never have heard before when listening to Tuesday on The Ochelli Effect. Is everyone proud of the technological terror they have created? JP Sottile entered into the second hour with fatigue over the worthless national news borg. He continued the theme of technological dominance over human effort and struggled to know where the human element will fit into the latest resource matrix. Will crop rotation and the repeating cycle of slave labor launching industrial revolutions in developing economies continue? Are there owners steering the managers of the controlled demolition of people for profit schemes? Has capitalism run its course?” – writes Chuck Ochelli of this show.

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