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Jim Rogers – Prepare for Trouble – source – John Vallis (01/02/2019)

” Rogers is a legendary investor from the US, who is on both mainstream and alternative financial news . He is most famous for having co-founded and run the wildly successful Quantum Fund with George Soros on Wall Street in the . Since then, Jim has extensively around the world, by car, earning a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for his efforts. He’s written several books on investing (as well as parenting after coming to fatherhood later in life), which detail his primary investment philosophies held over the last few decades, which, simpy put are, a focus on China (and Asia generally), as well as commodities, for which he founded the Roger’s International Commodities Index. In accordance with these views, Jim moved his family to Singapore in 2007, as he wanted his daughters to grow up speaking Mandarin and with China/Asia, in order to maximize their ability to create a happy and prosperous life for themselves in the future. He is a vocal critic of the ‘bureaucrats in Washington’, especially comes to their addiction to debt, economic incompetence, and their power to issue currency. As you’ll see in this discussion, he believes that similar major governments will have disastrous effects in the very (hence the bet on commodities). Anyways, I’ve been following Jim’s work for many years, so it was a real pleasure to be welcomed into his home for a chat on a rainy day in Singapore.,” writes John Vallies.

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