Is The Richard Case Nagell JFK Assassination Connection Real? (New Documents With Carmine Savastano) – Mike Swanson (01/29/2019)

Richard Case Nagell walked into a bank and shot a gun into the air two times and got arrested two months before the assassination of President Kennedy.

He also had a funny ID when he was arrested.

Did Nagell get arrested on purpose before the JFK assassination to make sure he was in a safe place before it went down?

This has been a focus of interest for years, but Carmine Savastano has found new documents that provide real evidence into whether or not this story is even real.

For the police report we talked about go here:

For the Ochelli Effect episode mentioned at the start of this episode in which Carmine was a guest along with Joan Mellon and others go here:

For Carmine’s article on New Orleans/JFK connected characters with a section on Nagell go here:

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