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Here Is The Stock Market Information You Need For 2019 – Mike Swanson (01/08/2019)

Right now is a fascinating moment in the stock market from the perspective of examining mass psychology. We made a major top in the US stock market last year in the S&P 500 and saw the first drop off this top play out. Now we are bouncing and are seeing what I believe is the initial denial phase of this new stock market cycle.

This is nothing new. I have seen this before with this exact match of denial with this technical analysis stock market setup in January of 2001 and the spring of 2008.

What is new to me though is something new going beyond simple stock market views. I talk about that in this video.

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There is much confusion and what people need now is the right information to navigate the markets. I make some suggestions on what people should spend their time with now to be ready to navigate the stock market in 2019.

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