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It Is Time To Prepare For Even Bigger Stock Market Declines In 2019 – Mike Swanson (12/09/2018)

The stock market has been trading in a much more volatile manner with daily moves in the technical analysis charts of a magnitude not seen in years.

This is part of a topping process. Markets move in cycles and the odds of a bear market coming in 2019 are higher now than they have been in ten years.  I explain some of the reasons why in this video.

Recent changes in the bond market and Fed member statements show that we are at the end of an economic expansionary cycle.

Like this video so that I know that you are there.  Note I am not long MO or short CMG or TSLA.  I also have no positions in Apple or FB.   I just bring them up as examples in this video.  I own other things as Power Investor members know.

It is time to prepare for winter in the stock market.  That does mean reducing risks, but it doesn’t mean that you have to go a hundred percent cash. Yes, most stocks are falling, however, there are some stocks and sectors going up.  Gold and mining stocks turned up last week and on Friday I actually bought a new stock in my Seven Position Portfolio.

In fact, I’m making money in this market.  Right before Labor Day I launched my Seven Position Portfolio with Robinhood.  That account is up while the stock market has been falling.  Take a look.

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