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Hope For A Stock Market Bounce, But Prepare For 2019 – Mike Swanson (12/24/2018)

The market dumped again last week and we can hope for a bounce for people before New Years so that they can sell some of their lagging stocks at higher prices. But we must look ahead and prepare for 2019.

Most of the popular stocks are now acting worse than the averages while we actually have seen new pockets of strength in the market going up invisible to the masses. These are defensive sectors and things such as gold that tend to go up when the averages go into bear markets. In fact gold is up again this morning.

I explained why I believe the stock market is going to go much lower next year in a video I posted this weekend. If you missed it watch it here:

Now hope isn’t an investment strategy, but that doesn’t mean we can’t hope for people to get some luck this week to make it easier for them to make changes next year even if things are getting weirder.

Last night the Treasury Secretary released a statement to try to reassure people that everything is normal with the stock market by announcing that he is going to convene the emergency “plunge protection team” to monitor the market today.

You can read news item at the end of this story here:

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin holds calls with the CEOs of major banks – CNBC

I wouldn’t worry about this. It’s just a Mickey Mouse attempt to reassure people, which just makes everyone say WTF.

This will probably be a big news item today as the market is closing early and not much should happen.

In reality it’s not news items, but the big trends that matter and when they change you then adapt.

One of the biggest trends that everyone knows is that the market rallies after mid-term elections, during Thanksgiving week, and into Christmas in December.

This year NONE of these normally reliable trends worked.

A few weeks ago I talked with Ike Iossif about these seasonal trends. He did an analysis that found that when the market does not rally in December it tumbles in the first quarter of the coming year.

That’s just the facts.

I prepare ahead in the markets and that’s why I did this interview with Ike about his analysis at the very end of November BEFORE December came. You can listen to it by going here:


And now I’m prepared already for 2019 with a game plan in hand ready to go. You can grab it by going here: