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A Look At Five Top Stocks With A Likely SPY Bounce – Mike Swanson (12/11/2018)

Although I do believe the stock market is heading for a bear market in 2019 that people need to plan for now as I talked about on Sunday in video and yesterday in a post, it does appear that judging by yesterday’s action that a final bounce is likely first – probably into the Fed meeting next week or Christmas.

There are new leader stocks and sectors that can make new highs and continue higher from here, but all most people care about are stocks like AAPL and FB – which yes can bounce a little here, but really are in big trouble as they in real bear market stage four declines now.

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Buying bounces on lagging stocks is not really a great trading strategy.  In fact there are now new defensive sectors and asset classes coming alive. 

Gold is the most obvious one.  People would be better off selling stocks like Apple and buying gold in my view – even though I know such views drive CNBC fans into a rage.  If you want to use the single best trading setup I have ever used in my years of trading grab my Two Fold Formula by clicking here.