Peter Schiff Gives Economic and Financial Market Update – Quote The Raven Podcast (08/06/2018)

“Peter Schiff finally checks in after me badgering him with e-mails for 6 months come on! We cover a broad range of topics, including disdain for how the mainstream media covers finance, what caused the 2008 collapse, what will cause the next economic collapse, how Keynesian theory and Austrian economic theory differ, how inflation has an effect on the middle class, the politics of Trump’s economic policy, Bitcoin, the recent volatility in tech stocks and tons more,” writes Quote the Raven.

Peter Schiff is Chairman of SchiffGold, CEO and Chief Global Strategist of Euro Pacific Capital, Inc, and host of The Peter Schiff Show. Peter is an economic forecaster and investment advisor influenced by the free-market Austrian School of economics. He is one of the few forecasters who accurately and publicly predicted the 2007 housing market collapse and subsequent 2008 financial crisis.

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